Get Away for a JH Outback Weekend Adventure

JH Outback offers a fun-filled opportunity to get away and focus on what really matters while enjoying outdoor activities, great food, music, and friendship.

Your Weekend Adventure is a shared experience – a parent with their son or daughter, or you and your spouse. And at JH Outback University, you are on teams with other college students.

You will take home a better understanding of life purpose, values, and practical strategies to build, strengthen, and restore the relationships in your life that are most important. This will be a weekend you remember forever

How often are you and a family member able to spend fun, one-on-one time together away from distractions and your busy schedule?


Whatever Adventure you choose, you will be placed on a team with others in the same stage of life while making friendships that last far beyond the weekend.

Who we are…

Developed out of programs we have been doing for nearly 40 years at JH Ranch, JH Outback adventures provide the unique opportunity for family members to invest in fun, meaningful time together away from everyday distractions

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Building, Strengthening, and Restoring Relationships


Outback University

Outback University is an amazing weekend that allows college students to get away from the distractions and commotion of a college campus to evaluate the true meaning of life. Through a series of dynamic talks, fun activities, and great meals, students will build lasting relationships and develop a plan to walk out their life purpose. Outback University is a weekend that you do not want to miss!​


Outback Weekly Groups

In addition to Weekend Adventures, JH Outback offers Weekly Groups where you can connect with other men and women in your city.

Men's Groups

Women's Groups


We are looking forward to continuing the long lasting relationships that we formed over the weekend. It is amazing to share the weekend, along with all of the emotions you feel, with those around you. An incredible experience with no words to describe it! I will share my story with everyone I know in hopes that they will consider attending a JH Outback weekend!

Outback America is an amazing place to make those memories without the distractions of the outside world and everyday life. It also shows your child that you are willing to make time just for your child. That is an amazing gift in and of itself.”