A Father’s Story:
When a Generation Changes Perspective

What can bring a man to tears? In the case of Freddie it was realizing anew how much God loves him and getting to experience this same passion for his own son. Freddie came to the Ranch with the all too familiar sentiment of wanting to spend time with his son and mend the relationship that had become disconnected over the years. Growing up in India, he had been taught that the father figure must retain total control to maintain respect. Understandably his older teenage son had responded poorly to the consummate “cop” role and withdrawn from the relationship.

During their time at the Ranch, these two found themselves in an undistracted environment, speaking at length about the issues of life; it was quite simply overwhelming to talk about! There was hope and a flow of communication that had been absent for some time. When Freddie set aside the distant father figure, he was overjoyed to step into deeper connections with his son, going on to describe how experiencing positivity and honesty with his son has totally transformed their relationship.

Part of Freddie’s transformation in regards to family was rooted in a paradigm shift of his relationship with God. The distant Father figure who seeks to punish was transformed into the loving Father, based on relationship. The religion to relationship transformation occurred in a fresh new way as he excitedly shared during testimony time all that God had done and exclaimed, “JH is better than Disney!”

After his week at the Ranch, Freddie signed his wife up for a week at the Scott River Lodge so that he can share his vision for the family with her. It is clear that with this family, things are never going to be the same. The Everlasting Adventure continues!