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JH India has been helping families grow together by hosting local Weekend Adventures for years. We would love to connect with you. Join us at the next Weekend Adventure or for one of our Weekly Groups! Find out more below.

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  • Husband & Wife:  (2 People)
  • Father & Son:  (2 People)
  • Father & Daughter:  (2 People)
  • Mother & Son:  (2 People)
  • Mother & Dauther:  (2 People)

Register to Volunteer Today

Help make JH Outback India happen by serving on the team that puts on this amazing Weekend Adventure! From the time guests arrive, we serve them in a way that makes them feel special, so they can focus on the relationships in their life that truly matter the most. There are plenty of opportunities to serve including: registration, food service, grounds cleaning, coaching teams and more. We’d love to have you join us!

For More Information:
Call: 1-800-242-1224
Email: mogren@jhranch.com

Ways You Can Help.

JH Outback India works to ensure that the cost of registration does not limit anyone from attending. Once you experience Outback, you will realize it is a first class experience at a very affordable price. We are able to make this happen through both Sponsorships and Donations.


If you have experienced a JH Outback Adventure then you know first hand how it changes lives. Sponsor a family member, friend, or co-worker today and enable them to have their own life changing Adventure!


JH India uses donations made here to help offset the Weekend Adventure costs ensuring that we can continue to provide a first class experience for all of our Guests at discounted prices.