Forever Young at the Scott River Lodge

Each season, Scott River Lodge reaps a harvest of amazing testimonies. This year was no exception! We hosted couples who had divorce papers ready to be signed upon their return home. We welcomed couples who were already separated. We embraced couples facing addictions. We worshipped with them, we prayed with them, we broke bread with them, and we invested in them as a couple. And we watched God heal, restore and strengthen them.

Sometimes, there is a story that unfolds that impacts us all in a unique way. This summer that was the Chapmans.

At 83 years young, Lee and his wife were given a tough diagnosis before they arrived at Scott River Lodge. Dementia was reshaping the couple’s view of life and their future. Recognizing a need for more of God’s mercy and grace, they headed to the Lodge to spend time searching for renewed vision. Lee was intent on pushing into this tough news with faith, hope and love.

When the time came for our couples to work through the challenges on the low ropes course, it is often expected for a guest like Lee to use the “challenge by choice” option and watch from the sidelines. But that wasn’t Lee. He stepped out in faith and saw the trust fall as an opportunity to contest God for more of Him. And trust, Lee did. Lee ascended the platform and shared with tears about his diagnosis and how he sought to surrender it to God and fall into the arms of a supportive community. Releasing fear and his health to God, Lee surrendered at the trust fall by becoming the oldest person in JH history to complete this challenge. With tears streaming down the faces of everyone who witnessed Lee’s heroic effort, we prayed and celebrated God’s faithfulness and presence. Lee embodies a spirit of youth, joy and bravery, and it was amazing to see him push into the most challenging struggles of his life.

“I will praise you to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done.” Ps 22:22