Letters to a giving heart from grateful Giving Tree guests:

Every year, we host guests that have been gifted a program by a family, friend or co-worker. Most often, this gift is from someone who had an amazing JH experience themselves and wants to pass that experience along. Each person leaves JH with their own story of how God shifted or changed their thoughts, feelings, relationships and faith. At JH, it is our joy to provide a place and an environment for people to open up to what God has planned for them.

Each family who has been sponsored to come to JH is given time at the end of their week to reflect on how the gift impacted their life in a letter to their sponsor. The letters below are from a father and a daughter to their Giving Tree sponsor.

From the Father:

“Andrew and family,
Where do I start? WOW! All I can say is Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This week has been probably…NO, has been the most impactful week of my life. I have always tried to be a model Christian and live my life how the Lord wants me to live but I never understood HOW! I have never been so FREE in my entire life! I was a carnal Christian who thought I was living a Christian life, but I was going through the motions. God had a plan this week and Desiree and I cleared the communication channels and we are on a totally different level now. Here is the thing, I know that this week was for me. I came to JH Ranch a broken, hurting man, battling anxiety, depression, PTSD, intrusive thoughts, grief, sadness, guilt and all the other demonic and non-Godly things. On the cross hike, I brought all of my burdens and bondage to the foot of the cross. I left it there!! On the way down, I felt like a feather and as I sit here God is so good. I feel whole and renewed. I have forgiven every wrong and have learned to give mercy to my oppressors. The book of James has changed me in this week, and I feel like I have learned to listen and hear His voice. I never knew how to do that. Desiree and I have a renewed, powerful, relationship that is guided by our Heavenly Father now. I know that He has a plan for me and my family. Plans to prosper and that are good. I want you also to know that I want to be a part of this place and show and tell all I know about JH. Thank you so much for this opportunity and the life long walk I now have with the Lord.
Love you all, In Jesus,
Amen. Aaron”

From the Daughter:

“Dear Andrew,
I am so amazingly grateful God gave you a calling to send my dad and I to JH. This trip was so impactful for my dad and me. For the longest time my dad has been broken. He had anxiety, PTSD, and not a strong relationship with God. But this trip and this ranch cured him. He is now whole and so in love with God. I have never seen my dad cry until we came here. My relationship with my dad has always been strong but now it is even stronger. For me, I have had an up and down relationship with God. The adventures and worship and the amazing friendships I made changed my life. They said change is temporary, but transformation is forever. I am transformed and so strong in my faith. I struggle with depression, but God took it away. I am so happy. Julie and my dad got me a purity ring. The talk about purity and relationships and the love of God so much has changed transformed and I am so excited to see what God has planned for me. Thank you! I also wanted you to pray for my mom. I love her and I want to see what God does with her. I am gonna plant a seed and let God water it.