A Mom’s Story

Life gets busy, and there is so much to be done. Sometimes I wish life would slow down long enough to have meaningful conversation with my kids rather than checking up on school work or chores. There is so much I relate to in my daughter’s life but there is so little time to sit and talk. My son needs to hear how proud of him I am and for me to encourage him in the man he is becoming.

I hope so desperately that I am handling things the right way with my kids. There are times when it doesn’t seem to be working out so well. I wish there was a place where we could all be together and build trust among each other. There doesn’t seem to be many places teaching how to parent kids from adolescence to teenager to adult. Surely there are other moms out there that feel the same way and could relate to me?”

Where is that kind of place? Where is a place that I can have some hours alone with my child and get on the same track? It’s at JH Outback Nashville! And it’s right around the corner!

A Dad’s Story

My daughter is growing up so fast! How do I communicate to her how beautiful she is and the strength I see in her? Through work and her activities, time has gotten away from me. I need to spend the time getting to know her and I want her to know who I really am.

My son is becoming a man quicker than I expected! I want to build him up as a man and begin to approach him as one. Rather than treating him like he is still a child, I need to learn what it looks like to help develop him into a strong man.

How do I parent my children when they are transitioning so much in their beliefs, their minds, their friends, and their culture. So much has changed since I was their age, and I don’t want to miss connecting with them.

Have I put the right priorities on spending time with my kids and family? Do I have the right balance in giving them space and also being a part of their life?

Where am I going to find the time in my busy schedule to address all these things that would make a such difference in my family? At JH Outback Nashville! Come out to YMCA Camp Widjiwagan on Percy Priest Lake and enjoy the weekend!

Husband and Wife Story

Sometimes I look at my spouse and wonder, “When was the last time we had more than a couple hours to ourselves? When was the last time we had a conversation that didn’t involve our family’s schedule?” I want to spend time to reconnect.

I desire more than a quick download at the end of the day. We need time to reconnect and invest in better communication.

I know God has a plan for our marriage, but how do we make sure we are on track? We want to model a healthy marriage for our kids.

We need a get-away with no distractions where my spouse and I can refresh our relationship.  Is one weekend enough time to reconnect? YES! Join us at JH Outback Nashville.

A weekend at JH Outback begins with fun, laughter, and good food. You will then spend the rest of the weekend diving deeper into your relationship with marriage relationship specialists and other couples like you. Get ready to receive some great tools for your marriage and to reignite that spark!

We hope that spending 48 hours to invest in your marriage will transform not only your relationship with your spouse, but with your family, friends, and others around you.