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JH Outback volunteers are the force behind everything that happens in our Weekend Adventures. Part of what makes Outback special is that all of our events are planned, organized, and led by volunteers. Outback exists only because of volunteers like you that are willing to say “Yes” not yet knowing what all will be asked of you during the weekend.

There are plenty of opportunities to serve: registration, food service, grounds cleaning, coaching, activities, and much more. Our main role is to serve our guests, taking care of all of their needs and making them feel special so that they can focus on the relationships in their life that truly matter the most.
If you have never experienced Outback before then of course we encourage you to go through first as a guest if at all possible. If you are not able to then don’t let that stand in your way as we would love to have you join us!

After you register, you should hear from a Volunteer Coordinator about your specific role. Please make time ahead of the Weekend to review/complete any necessary training.

Be aware that to help reduce guest costs, we do ask every volunteer to contribute a volunteer registration fee that helps pay for your food, t-shirts, and other volunteer expenses. If you cannot afford the volunteer registration fee, please contact us as we may be able to provide financial assistance.

Additionally, we ask each Volunteer to invite at least 3 people to attend as Guests.  This is a key part of the volunteer experience as we seek to invest in the lives of others.